About Us

My name is Judith and my husband is Victor.  We are both retired and decided that retirement is pretty boring.  After thinking about what to do for a couple of years, we figured it out.  We decided to create an ecommerce store, but we didn’t want it to be just any run of the mill store.

I hit upon an idea when I was recently talking to my sister about a Steampunk festival and we discovered a few things. Steampunk is alive and actually thriving. We also discovered that people who have a passion for their pets have a number in the millions, and that number rises every day. Then we discovered that these two extraordinary groups make great imagery together. Finally, after much research, we discovered the market doesn’t seem to have much to offer with Steampunk animal Tee’s. This knowledge gave birth to our fun and creative Steampunk Dogs store.

We have created, and are continuing to expand, a line of clothing, accessories and home decor that is 100% custom made with fantastic graphics that we love.