Customize It - Tutorial

Adding your personal touch to any of our products that can accept Customization is easy.
First let's just start off with, not all products can be customized.  The products that can be customized will have a "customize" button. 

What is "customize" as far as these products go?  It means you can replace the original image with one of your own.  When available, you can also replace the text and text color.  If there are more than one line of text in the original then you can replace all or some of the lines.

It's best to select an image that is at least the same size as the original (just eyeball the picture or model the design is on for an idea as to size)  since however much space was given for the original image is how much you will have for your replacement image.  You can use a bigger than original image, it will resize automatically.  If your image is too small, you will get a warning message telling you it's too small.

It's really easy, just click the button and follow the onscreen prompts! Have fun adding your own piece of creativity on your clothes or other items.  They make great gifts too!